The Drawing Pad: Spring means wedding season!

If you know me, you know I have a thing for gowns. I especially have a MAJOR thing for wedding gowns. I've been married for almost 10 years (shout out to my partner-in-crime!) but I still day dream and drool over wedding gowns. When I was a wee little illustrator in training my subject matter of choice was usually a glamours gown of some sort. Wedding gown designing is in my future...I can feel it....

Daydreaming aside, I am so SO so excited to share this super awesome video shot by the talented Rebecca Dexter from Coastline Studios . These people are serious about their wedding videography! Like movie trailer serious.

{I collaborated with Coastline to do a fun little Instagram give away. If you want me to turn YOUR wedding gown into a piece of artwork, click here for the details.}